Professional Services

CNC & Metal Machining Precision Manufacturing

E-Star employs skilled employees equipped with extensive experiences working with varied materials, including aluminium, stainless/carbon steels, exotics (Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Nickel & Titanium), composites and various types of engineered plastics & rubbers.

We ensure our capability of machining to a wide range of industries needs.

We currently provide:

• CAD/CAM Facilities (AutoCAD & MasterCAM)
• CNC Precision Machining (4&5 axis)
• Wire Cut Facilities
• Precision Grinding Facilities (Jig, cylindrical & conventional)
• Automated Part Fabrication
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Customized Design Jigs & Fixtures Fabrication
• Precision Tooling for Tool & Die Product Fabrication
• Machine Design & Automated Projects
• Archiving of Customer Drawings and Data

precision manufacturing